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SAARC Association of Community Ophthalmology

Prof. Md. Daud khan Advisor Pakistan
Dr B K Jain Advisor India
Prof Swapan Samanta Chairman India
Prof Parveen Vashist Vice Chair India
Prof Dr. Sharfuddin  Ahmed Member Bangladesh
Prof Meenu Choudhary Member Nepal
Dr. Fatima Member Maldives
Prof Satanshu Mathur Secretary India
Terms of reference
  1. Collate the data of current scenario of blindness in the SAARC region for joint advocacy with SAARC secretariat
  2. Identify centre of community Ophthalmology in Member nations and plan joint activities in the region
  3. Prepare the documents for laisoning with WHO and IAPB.

SAARC Award Committtee

Prof Ava Hossain Chairman Bangladesh
Prof Imtiaz Ali Vice chair Pakistan
Prof Rajesh Sinha Member India
Prof Saliya Patirana Member India
Prof Rajvardhan Azad Member India
Terms and reference of SAC
  1. Prepare a worksheet for selection of existing Named and other awards and oration
  2. Decide the modalities for institution of new awards
  3. Finalisation of Awards and forwarding to Sao Council for endorsement.

SAARC Fund raising committee and fellowship committee

Dr Mohan Rajan Chairman India
Prof Namrata Sharma Vice chair India
Dr Deepak Nag Member India
Prof Rajesh Sinha Member India
Dr Dilruwani Aryasingha Member Sri Lanka
Prof Rajvardhan Azad Secretary India
Terms and reference of SFRC
  1. Raise funds for academic activities
  2. Raise funds for charity work
  3. Raise funds for encouraging research/ innovation by young ophthalmologist.

SAARC Constitution Review committee

Prof Md. Daud Khan Advisor Pakistan
Prof Ava Hossain Advisor Bangladesh
Prof O k Malla Chairman Nepal
Prof Saliya Pathirana Vice Chair Sri Lanka
Dr. Ajit Babu Member India
Prof Dr Sharfuddin Ahmed Member Bangladesh
Dr. Nalin Rajakaruna Member Sri Lanka
Prof P.S Mahar Member Pakistan
Prof Rajvardhan Azad Secretary India
Terms and reference of SCC:
  1. Revise the present constitution
  2. Add or delete any article as per the requirements of our new Governing council
  3. Make it more flexible in view of our multinational outlook.

SAARC Collegium of Ophthalmology

Dr Lalit Verma Chairman India
Dr Eli Pradhan Member Nepal
Dr Meenakshi Swaminathan ICO rep Member  
Dr Nuzhat Choudhury Member Bangladesh
Dr Nalin Rajakaruna Member Sri Lanka
Dr Afzal Bodle Member Pakistan
Dr Ngawang Tenzin Member Bhutan
Prof Rajvardhan AZAD Secretary India
Terms and reference of SCO:
  1. To set up a collegium at SAARC level
  2. To establish collegium head quarter
  3. To evolve a system of certification of subspeciality in SAARC region with support from Collegium board of AIOS

SAARC International committee

Prof Nadeem Butt Chairman Pakistan
Prof. S Natrajan Vice Chairman India
Prof. Dr. Sharfuddin Ahmed Member Bangladesh
Dr Imteyaz Ali Member Pakistan
Dr Sabina Shrestha Member Nepal
Dr K A Salvin Member Sri Lanka
Dr Tenzing Bhutan Member Bhutan
  Member Afghanistan
Prof Rajvardhan AZAD Secretary India
Terms and reference of SIC:
  1. International collaborations and recognition by international society
  2. Arrange Joint meetings and exchange programmes.
  3. Bring SAARC nation closer to each other

SAARC Subspeciality Advisory Committee

Prof O K Malla Chairperson Nepal
Dr Niaz Rahman Vice Chairman Bangladesh
Prof. Dr. Sharfuddin Ahmed Member Bangladesh
Prof Ragini Parekh Member Pakistan
Prof Subhash Dadeya Member India
Prof Kamaljit Singh Member India
Prof Girdhar Ananthram Member India
Prof Rajesh Sinha Member Secretary India
Terms and reference:
  1. Identify Members and key person to chair subspeciality Committee from SAARC region.
  2. Work as a coordinator of all the SADC
  3. Plan and coordinate activity for each subspeciality among different member nations.

SAO Trade Relation Committee

Prof. P S Mahar Chairman Pakistan
Dr Deepak Nag Vice Chairman Bangladesh
Dr Mohan Rajan Member India
Mr Udaya Trade Member Sri Lanka
Mr Diwakar Paul Trade Member India
Ramamurty Trade Member India
Ravi Agarwal Trade Member Nepal
Terms and reference of STRC:
  1. Bring the ophthalmic traders on one platform
  2. To mutually benefit from own products
  3. Manufactured in SAARC countries
  4. To help ophthalmologist in using own products to promote market and technology