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Rights & Obligations of the Recognized Regional Apex Bodies

 Rights of the Regional Apex Bodies

  1. The SAARC Regional Apex Bodies will be entitled to use SAARC nomenclature and logo.
  2. Regional Apex Bodies may be invited as guests to open inaugural and closing sessions of Summits, Council of Ministers and other Ministerial Meetings, in accordance with the procedure enumerated by the Fifth Special Session of the Standing Committee.
  3. Presidents, Vice Presidents, Secretaries-General and the Executive Committee Members of the SAARC Apex Bodies, and their spouses and dependent children under the age of 18, are entitled to SAARC Vice Exemption Sticker.

Obligations of the Regional Apex Bodies

  1. Regional Apex Bodies shall consist exclusively of Members of the nationals of the Member States and their aims and purposes should be in conformity with the spirit, purpose and principle of SAARC Chapter.
  2. Regional Apex Bodies should have a constitution or similar instrument. A copy of such instrument will be made available to the SAARC Secretariat. The activities of these organizations should be non-political and secular in chapter. These organizations will submit their annual progress report to the SAARC Secretariat regularly.
  3. Regional Apex Bodies will have an established office and sound financial status.
  4. Regional Apex Bodies will hold their annual meetings to consider the activities and programmes to which the SAARC Secretariat General or his representative will be invited to attend.
  5. The extension of the recognition to Regional Apex Bodies will be decided by the Standing Committee after every five years based on their performance/evaluation to be carried our by the SAARC Secretariat.
  6. The activities of Regional Apex Bodies should be relevant to the process of promoting social, economic and cultural developments in the region as envisaged in the SAARC Chapter.
  7. The activities/ programmes of the Regional Apex Bodies should supplement the SAARC process and refrain from competing with various agencies working on the issues of common interest to the peoples of the SAARC region.
  8. Regional Apex Bodies will uphold their aims and objectives, as well as identity and integrity.
  9. Regional Apex Bodies should maintain accountability and transparency.
  10. Regional Apex Bodies should ensure that funds provided are only used for their intended purpose and are properly accounted for.
  11. Regional Apex Bodies should have adequate and appropriate procedure for financial review and the audit of the accounts should be conducted annually by the panel of independent auditors and should be made public through Annual Reports.