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XIVth Biennial SAARC Academy of Ophthalmology
Conference 2018

In conjunction with

XXth Nepal Ophthalmic Society Annual Meeting
June 21st -24th 2018
Kathmandu, Nepal

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Message from the President, SAARC Academy of Ophthalmology


Prof. Nadeem Hafeez Butt
SAARC Academy of Ophthalmology (SAO)


The idea of SAARC- South Asian Association for Regional Corporation, was conceived in 1970 and the formal charter was signed by the seven countries on 8th December 1985 at Nepal. The eighth country, Afghanistan joined in April, 2007.

SAARC is a unique concept of regional cooperation with a very distinct diversity of geography, culture, and environment. The region holds the highest mountains in the world, land locked mountain terrains and one of the member country Maldives to be the smallest low line island nation of the world.

More than 1/3 rd of global population lives in this region which is one of the fastest growing and developing regions of the world.

SAARC Academy of Ophthalmology (SAO) was established in early 1990ís and was actively reorganized in 2008 by Prof. Muhammad Daud Khan from Pakistan and Prof. Rajvardhan Azad from India. Since then, itís scientific and administrative meetings are regularly held and rotated in its member countries.
Ophthalmological Society of Pakistan and its Subspecialty Associations are playing their due role in promoting the development of art and Science of Ophthalmology in this region.

The regular participation of Pakistani Ophthalmologists in all the events is a source of strength and Inspiration for the whole region. The 2nd International Glaucoma Conference Pakistan was held in collaboration with SAO as a landmark in this direction. SAO is now a registered organization with SAARC Secretariat at Nepal. Thanks to Prof. Rajvardhan Azad and Prof. Namrata Sharma from India for making the extraordinary efforts.

As President of SAO, it will be my endeavour to develop harmony and friendship within the SAARC region with the support of Secretary General Prof. Rajvardhan Azad from India and other office bearers and members of SAO. It is my earnest desire that the Ophthalmologists of the SAARC region should have more frequent interaction and exchange of knowledge and skills.

I wish SAO to grow, prosper and flourish and to be a source of inspiration and leadership model for other sister organizations of the SAARC Region. Long live SAARC Academy of Ophthalmology.

Yours Sincerely
Prof. Nadeem Hafeez Butt
B.Sc, MB, FCPS, FRCS(Ed), FRCS(Glasg)UK MHPE(UHS), Gold Medalist

President ,
SAARC Academy of Ophthalmology (SAO)
Message from the Secretary General of SAO


Prof. Rajvardhan Azad
Secretary General
South Asian Academy of Ophthalmology


Dear Friends, I welcome you all to the joint meeting of SAARC Academy of Ophthalmology (SAO) and Ophthalmological Society of Pakistan (OSP) to be held next year in Karachi from 19th to 21st August 2016.

Saarc Academy of Ophthalmology popularity known SAO is conglomeration of ophthalmologist from 8 countries under the wings of duly recognised by The Governments of South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) countries .

Every two years ie Biennial, the ophthalmologist from eight countries meet and exchanges views on techniques , technology and Trades(3T) in ophthalmology. Last biennial meeting was held in Colombo in September 2014 organised by Srilankan college of Ophthalmologist.

This invitation will extend & expose the delegates to varying spectrum of ophthalmology eg. from Nano technology to community ophthalmology. We are planning a separate session for our young colleagues with sub speciality experience to forge ahead in their own area as future belongs to them. Our practicing ophthalmology friends will find SOPs- for management of commonly prevalent diseases in their practise. Senior colleagues would love to see and learn new techniques and modality of treatment as ophthalmology like any other branch of Medicine is a dynamic field.

Not to eulogise our region , our ophthalmic trade has come up in a big way, we have our ophthalmic industry and Manufacturing companies known and recognised globally. It will be on high Agenda for all delegates as we expect economically yet useful equipment on display especially during the conference.

So come and enjoy the ophthalmic & social feast which will leave an imprint on you for years to come. Karachi being commercial capital of Pakistan with its rich History I am sure offers much more than you expect.

With best wishes & looking forward to welcome you all.

Yours Sincerely

Prof. (Dr.) Rajvardhan Azad
Secretary General
Saarc Academy of Ophthalmology (SAO)